2019 dysfunctional office design, brussels (be)
2018 dessins, la senne, brussels (be)
2018 curiouser #09, brussels (be)
2018 boucle noire, charleroi (be)
2017 in/out, greylight projects, brussels (be)
2016 citadel'arte, diest (be)
2016 boucle noire, asphalte #2, charleroi (be)
2016 videoclub, brussels (be)
2015 surround festival, concertgebouw, brugge (be)
2015 paysages indistincts, cecilia jaime gallery, ghent (be)
2015 π view, constant v, brussels (be)
2014 update_5, zebrastraat, ghent (be)
2014 possest-s, greylight projects, brussels (be)
2014 constant variable, kriekelaar, brussels (be)
2014 sense of sound, z33, hasselt (be)
2013 (h)ear festival #3, (h)ear, heerlen (nl)
2013 acts of presence, imal, brussels (be)
2013 la générale du canal, brussels (be)
2013 poppositions, brass, brussels (be)
2013 beyond the dutch mountain video festival, heerlen (nl)
2012 videoclub, brussels (be)
2012 i have a story to tell you, paradise now festival, brussels (be)
2012 27 poses, ateliers mommen, brussels (be)
2012 reality tracks #1, greylight projects, hoensbroek (nl)
2012 vier die auszogen, weltecho galerie, chemnitz (de)
2012 nachtlicht, greylight projects, hoensbroek (nl)
2011 gamerz 07, fondation vasarely, aix-en-provence (fr)
2011 transgradexhib, sint-lukas brussels (be)
2011 videoformes, clermont-ferrand (fr)
2011 (some space left), garage l'olivier, brussels (be)
2011 klangatlas, musica, neerpelt (be)
2011 citymedia, seconde nature, marseille (fr)
2010 meeting istanbul, ITÜ, istanbul (tr)
2010 dreaming of a point..., brass, brussels (be)
2010 the academy strike back, sint-lukas galery, brussels (be)
2009 inter-art-city, brussels (be)
2009 code_source, chaumont (fr)
2007 festival emergences, paris (fr)
2007 sloveniarof, maribor (slo)
2007 traverse vidéo, toulouse (fr)
2006 /tmp, berlin (de)
2006 eniarof 0.2, aix-en-provence (fr)
2006 arborescence, marseille (fr)
2006 vidéoformes, clermont-ferrand (fr)
2005 arborescence, marseille (fr)
2005 festival acces[s], pau (fr)
2005 eniarof 0.1, aix-en-provence (fr)


2020 q-o2, brussels (be)
2016 imal, brussels (be)
2015 wtc 25, constantvzw, brussels (be)
2014 le vecteur / fonderie thiébaut, charleroi (be)
2013 overtoon, brussels (be)
2012 constant variable, brussels (be)
2012 greylight projects, hoensbroek (nl)
2012 ping, nantes (fr)
2012 imal, brussels (be)
2011-2014 ateliers mommen, brussels (be)
2011 art school of aix-en-provence (fr)
2011 imal, brussels (be)
2011 q-o2, brussels (be)
2007 emare, werkleitz, halle (de)
2006 münzstrasse 10, berlin (de)


2016 commission des arts de wallonie, production fragments
2014 vgc, projectsubsidie, exhibition possest-s
2012 vgc, projectsubsidie, exhibition acts of presence
2012 wallonia-brussels federation, arts numeriques
2009 wallonia-brussels federation, arts numeriques


2010 transmedia, sint-lukas brussel (be)
2005 dnsep, art school of aix-en-provence (fr)
2003 dnap, esac, pau (fr)

other activities

since 2018 fabmanager, imal, brussels (be)
2014 curator, exhibition possest-s, greylight projects, brussels (be)
2012 curator, exhibition acts of presence, imal, brussels (be)
2013-2014 collaborator, greylight projects, brussels (be)
2011-2013 collaborator, ateliers mommen, brussels (be)

mailto: stefan[dot]piat[at]bruxxel[dot]org


2015 le rêve de l'opérateur, septembre tiberghien
2011 transgradexhib, sofie van loo
2009 gps-video scape, esther polak
2009 untitled, douglas edric stanley
2006 untitled, jean cristofol